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Single room with private bath

min 39 euro max 65 euro

Double with private bath

min 65 euro max 92 euro

Triple room with private bath

min 75 euro max 105 euro

From January 13th to February 13th included
special rates with cash only:
single room with private bath 25,00 euro
double room with private bath 36,00 euro
triple room with private bath 51,00 euro
2,00 euro per person, per night of city tax not included


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After 8:00 P.M. Althea's staff will not be on spot to welcome and assist you but you can open the front door using the code we will send you after the  reservation.

You will receive also the code for the key-safe box at the first floor where you will find an envelope with your keys, the room number and directions.

In the room you'll find a map of the city and some useful information about your stay in Florence. We suggest you to take the  codes with you even if you think to arrive earlier than 8:00 P.M. The codes are mainly sent by e.mail , or by text message when the arrival is within a few days.